What is RUNDI / Apa Itu RUNDI / 什么是RUNDI?

RUNDI = RUN (Lari/跑) + UNDI (Vote/投票)

For the FIRST time in MALAYSIA history. RUNDI, an in-app running event that allows public to demonstrate their right to vote virtually by running and get their voice heard.

Buat KALI PERTAMA dalam sejarah MALAYSIA. RUNDI, acara larian dalam applikasi yang memberikan peluang untuk orang ramai bersenam sambil memberi sokongan dan menyuarakan azam anda untuk negara.


Objective / Objektif/活动宗旨

Promote Active Lifestyle.
Memupuk amalan cara hidup sihat.

How to Join/Cara Melibatkan Diri/如何参与?
  1. Click on the Join Now button. It is FREE.
    Klik butang Join Now (PERCUMA).
    点击Join Now(免费)。
  2. Register yourself by completing the form.
    Mendaftarkan diri anda dengan mengisikan borang penyertaan.
  3. You will receive 3 welcoming emails from BiiB within 24 hours to indicate your successful participation.
    Anda akan mendapat 3 emel daripada BiiB dalam masa 24 jam. Ia memaklumkan penyertaan anda telah berjaya.
  4. Get BiiB+ app & login using the same email you registered for RUNDI.
    Dapatkan applikasi BiiB+ dan login dengan emel yang sama pada masa pendaftaran.
    下载BiiB+ app,登录时请用相同的电邮地址。
    Download BiiB+ here.
  5. Start RUNDI and have fun.
    Memulakan RUNDI


Limited Edition RUNDI T-shirt

Microfibre Material. RM29.90 (include postage).

Pre-order before 10th April 2018, ship on 15th May 2018.

Buy Now

Current Progress/Keputusan Terkini/最新成绩
Your Voices

Game Rules/Peraturan/活动规则
  • RUNDI vote by running/walking outdoor.
    RUNDI dengan larian atau berjalan kaki di luar bangunan sahaja.
  • Every 2 KM equals to 1 RUNDI Vote.
    Setiap 2 KM adalah 1 RUNDI.
    2 KM就是一张RUNDI选票。
  • Activity must be recorded using BiiB+ App.
    Aktiviti mesti direkodkan dengan BiiB+ App.
    必须使用BiiB+ App来累积哩数。
  • Download BiiB+ here.
  • Participants able to select & contribute their mileage to the party/parties at the end of each activity session.
    Anda boleh memilih parti-parti selepas setiap aktiviti anda.
  • Result will be update daily on the RUNDI webpage.
    Keputusan akan dikemaskini setiap hari dalam page ini.

About US

We are a group of local young entrepreneurs finding our way in the world to promote active lifestyle. As our country is welcoming the 14th General Election, we decided to start the “RUNDI” project to motivate Malaysians to run/walk more. We hope RUNDI will deliver positive impact to everyone in the scene and adding fun & sporty elements into the election.

We are not and do not want to be affiliated to any particular political party, simply because we do not want to get in trouble. We will make effort to review that the information on the website are free from bias and political agenda, and we hope you will work with us to make it so too.

Contact US

Feel free to let us help you. You can:

Chat with us via Messenger m.me/getBiiB or

Email Us at [email protected]

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